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because in the end, that's all i really have.

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Anonymous asked: How can you run a fitness blog but then talk about how you get drunk and high? That's not healthy





You know what else isn’t healthy? Some 15 year old with a laptop giving out half ass fitness advice because they eat salads and ran on a treadmill one time

And there you have it.

um half ass fitness advice eating salad and running on a treadmill is STILL better then getting high and drunk. i agree with the anon. why bother with fitness if youre gonna waste your life on that shit. a drink i can see but getting wasted is a waste of life.

Oh there are so many flaws with what you just said. Firstly, half ass fitness/nutrition advice from someone who is not qualified to give it can seriously hurt someone. The second is this girl who likes to indulge in guilty pleasures occasionally on the weekend is still in the best shape of her life while holding a B.S. in ex phys and working on a second B.S. in nutrition and dietetics. I am also a Certified personal trainer through the NSCA and have a lucrative training business. So please sit down before you spew anymore of your weak ass word vomit.


Not necessarily at night time but incorporate it into your workouts. 




oh my god did she do that all at once

I’ll go cry in a corner now…

this is amazing

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